Is this church part of a denomination?

Yes. We are part of The Anglican Church of Ontario and the larger Anglican Church of Canada.

Is everyone an Anglican at St. John’s Bath?

Not even close. We have lots of people, from a variety of different backgrounds who worship with us. But, Reverend Noel and Reverend John are  Anglican enough for all of us!

What is the current demographic in the community?

At this point we are a community of around 100 people and, in true Anglican fashion, we have about half our people worshipping on Sundays. There are married couples, some young families, Baby Boomers and a few folks in their 90s!

What are your Sunday services like?

We follow the ancient liturgy of the church (singing the Gloria, readings from scripture, reading the Psalms, sermon, prayers of the people, Eucharist, benediction, etc.) We also sing the old hymns of the church. So there's lots of ancient tradition at St. Johns. Innovation is welcome but we believe it is our traditions that keep us “grounded” in a rapidly changing world.

You could say that we are "pro-participation", meaning that our liturgy is led by the people who show up and choose to participate. The pastor offers the Eucharistic prayer and (most times) the sermon; most of the other parts of the liturgy are led by people.  

Who is your pastor at St. John's ?

Reverend Noel was ordained in November 2017  as an Assistant Curate under Reverend Greg Long. He will be ordained as a Anglican Priest after being our Assistant  Curate for several Months. Noel has a Master's Degree in Divinity from Tyndale Seminary.

Reverend John Morrison was ordained as a Vocational Deacon in November 2016. He conducts a monthly morning prayer service as well as conducting many services at Briargate Retirement Facility in Amherstview.  He is actively involved in Veterans' issues and is a Chaplain at Legion Branches as well as Zone and District levels.  He is a facilitator for Grief Bereavement at the Napanee Hospital, and is active in pastoral and palliative visits within our community.

How can I support this m​inistry?

Pray without ceasing but also consider offering a one-time or ongoing financial gift

Is There Bible Study at St. John's ?

Yes there is! Deacon John Morrison has added Bible Study to the list of many Ministries he manages at our Church and for the Diocese. Please see the Events Calendar on our Home Page to find out about current Bible Study Programs  

What are this community's practices around the Eucharist?

We have an Open Table at St. Johns, which means that everyone without exception is invited to receive the bread and wine at communion which for us is the body and blood of Christ. This is His table.

Why do we need another church?

Well, we are actually the first church in the area and opened for “business” back in 1779! That being said, we recognize that it's no longer 1779 and so we must experiment with new ways to be the church – ways that make sense to a historic village where the population is growing and the traditional demographics are rapidly changing.

 Our church is a place where:

• The Gospel matters. God’s grace and love changes lives and communities. 

• Scripture is honored enough to be faithfully questioned and struggled with.

• We are co-creators of liturgy, rather than just passive participants. Aesthetics and theology both matter.

• The community is both intellectually and spiritually stimulating.

• We provide a bridge from the modern world to the traditions of the church. 



Who We Are

St. John's Church, Bath